I’m Doug Merritt and I work as an Art Director at Citizen with a focus on UI/UX and information design. I enjoy organizing complexity and creating digital experiences that are easy to use and understand.

In my spare time I ride bikes and climb mountains.

Digital Work

Cigna Compass
Brighthouse Financial
Cigna One Guide

AT&T GoPhone

Print Work

ARTCRANK 2011–2014

We’re Still Angry


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Digital Work

Cigna One Guide

Cigna wanted to create a top-shelf digital healthcare offering to help users navigate their coverage and make the most of their plans.

Backed by research that explored the interactions users have with their healthcare providers, we conducted a narrative design workshop with Cigna executives to identify critical suppor moments across various health-related scenarios.

This led to a series of features that would address those needs, which we brought to life through a functional prototype.

The visual design leveraged Cigna brand colors to divide the app into three buckets of functionality that aligned with core user needs — managing your plan, finding care, and getting support.