I’m Doug Merritt and I work as an Art Director at Citizen with a focus on UI/UX and information design. I enjoy organizing complexity and creating digital experiences that are easy to use and understand.

In my spare time I ride bikes and climb mountains.

Digital Work

Cigna Compass
Brighthouse Financial
Cigna One Guide

AT&T GoPhone

Print Work

ARTCRANK 2011–2014

We’re Still Angry


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Digital Work

Cigna Compass

Initially a responsive web application and now a native app, Cigna Compass is intended to help users make the most of their health plan.

Throughout the app, a web video, and a style guide, I helped to establish a design language that supports this intent, where maximization of one’s healthcare is achieved by minimizing the design.

Large type, clear hierarchy, and a thoughtful use of color grounds the experience in simplicity, getting out of the way so that the content is loud & clear.

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