I’m Doug Merritt and I work as an Art Director at Citizen with a focus on UI/UX and information design. I enjoy organizing complexity and creating digital experiences that are easy to use and understand.

In my spare time I ride bikes and climb mountains.

Digital Work

Cigna Compass
Brighthouse Financial
Cigna One Guide

AT&T GoPhone

Print Work

ARTCRANK 2011–2014

We’re Still Angry


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Digital Work

AT&T GoPhone

AT&T needed a way to shift their pre-paid customers away from call centers and into a digital tool to manage their accounts and purchase features.

Given the huge variety (and not always the best quality) of handsets available through GoPhone plans, we sold the client on the benefits of a responsive web solution versus a native app.

We conducted multiple usability sessions to better understand how users go about working with their plan, leading to an experience that aligns more with shopping behaviors than account management. We allowed users to quickly and easily make recurring purchases while keeping costs and overages front and center to minimize billing surprises.